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Join us for Weekday Prayer @ 6:00 am: Monday-Saturday 712-770-4010 Access Code: 483100

About Us


The Legacy Continues

Our Vision for the future of Community Chapel of Christ consist of a 3-pronged modern approach to ministry: ministering to the world as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19; ministering to the body of Christ as the Apostle Paul described in Ephesians 4:11-12 and ministering to families as the Apostle Paul did in Colossians 3:19-21.

We envision ministering to the world with the talents, tools and technologies available today to spread the gospel to our immediate community and beyond. We envision ministering to the body of Christ with the ministry and spiritual gifting he has placed in the church as noted in 1 Corinthians 12. We envision ministering to families in our immediate community and eventually on a global level by hosting uplifting family sessions and international family conferences. Ensuring that families are whole and functional is of the utmost importance. We intend to provide the tools necessary to accomplish this within our ministry. Some of these tools will include marriage and family counseling, couples and family retreats, and youth retreats where we will focus on healing, wholeness, growth, and having fun.

Engaging our youth is key to them acquiring they receive a solid foundation in Christ. Therefore, we are passionate about involving them in most aspects of church services and giving them a platform to share their gifts and talents. We envision hosting youth café events where they can come together and celebrate Jesus in a fun and reverent way. We want to see the power of God manifest through them in church and amongst their peers in the community.

Finally, we envision having a prayer line that will be open for 24 hours to accommodate those who need to reach a prayer partner day or night. Maintaining an environment of pure worship is significant to the ministry. There must be an atmosphere in the Lord’s house where His Spirit can abide.

We appreciate our small beginnings and plan to move forward as God directs our path by working to encourage God’s people, both young and old, through the Word of God and to reach as many souls as we possibly can for His kingdom.


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Service Times

Sunday Worship

12:00 pm

Sunday Christian Education

10:30 am

Wednesday Night Prayer

7:00 pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study

8:00 pm

Join us for Weekday Prayer

6:00 am

Monday-Saturday 712-770-4010 Access Code: 483100