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Community Chapel of Christ Ministries

Where the Spirit of the Lord Abides

Join us for Weekday Prayer @ 6:00 am: Monday-Saturday 712-770-4010 Access Code: 483100

New Members

Welcome to Community Chapel of Christ Ministries. Your choice to join in fellowship with us is not taken lightly. We are adamant about cherishing who and what God has placed in our care. We are firm believers in ensuring the authentic Word of God is taught and preached to all CCCM members. This ministry places great value on cultivating the gifts of our members and motivating them to reach their fullest potential in God. The late CCCM founder, Bishop John W. Jackson, would say often, “There is no shortcut to excellence.”

We believe that the best of your life is yet to come. We encourage you to study God’s word daily so that His plan for your life is apparent and that you receive the tools needed to reach new plateaus in your walk with Christ. It is our belief that when you're led by God, He will not steer you in the wrong direction. Your journey oh this side of the vineyard may have just begun, but God has predestined this season of change for you.

Upon taking the right hand of fellowship, you will be placed with a buddy that will assist you in the acclamation process. Please take time to read this packet to ensure you become familiar with what this ministry has to offer and whom you may contact for specific questions or concerns. Don’t forget to complete the new membership card! Thank you for selecting our ministry as your church home. We pray for abundance in your life, far beyond your expectations.