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About Us



Community Chapel of Christ began in the basement of our beloved Bishop John W. Jackson and our Pastor Darlene Jackson’s home in Newark, NJ in the year of 1983. What started out as a prayer band in their home eventually became a weekly gathering for church services and prayer. People in the community were drawn to the power of God demonstrated in the house. Many were saved and filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit, many were recipients of healing miracles, and others were delivered from demonic strong holds. Bishop and Pastor Darlene Jackson counseled people in the neighborhood, helped provide basic necessities for those in need and taught them about Jesus Christ. They were respected by all people of all faiths and all walks of life within their community.

As the membership grew, there was a need for a building. The church moved to East Orange, NJ where services were held on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. After a couple of years of holding services, the Lord led Pastor Jackson to move to North Newark where the membership continued to grow. The church remained faithful throughout the years and God eventually opened the doors for the church to secure its very own building on Hawthorne Avenue in Newark where the ministry still resides to this day. Soon after, God laid it on Bishop Jackson’s heart to rename the church Community Chapel of Christ Ministries, which was a foreshadowing of the direction in which the church would be going in the future.

In 2002, our Bishop Jackson was led to execute a long-time dream of his, which was to start a Bible School of his own where God’s people could be properly equipped to carry out their divine assignments. He called it the Community Chapel of Christ Bible Institute (CCCBI). In addition to educating people in God’s Word, our Bishop fathered many ministries during his lifetime, but one ministry in particular actually joined our fellowship to officially begin the CCCM Fellowship Organization. A Gate Called Beautiful under the leadership of Pastor Margie Lewis officially joined the CCCM Fellowship Organization in March 2004. God is doing a marvelous work at CCCM that is progressively seeking to bring loss souls to him through love. Our Bishop and founder of Community Chapel of Christ Ministries went home to be with the Lord on June 8th, 2010. Nevertheless, his spirit, legacy, and vision still remain. Close to our beloved Bishop’s heart was servicing the community with whatever resources we possessed. Many of our current ministries continue to fulfill this vision by serving the community and ensuring that God gets glory through displaying the love of Jesus. In the absence of Bishop and his wife: Pastor Darlene Jackson, we plan to move forward with the same passion for building God’s kingdom.


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Service Times

Sunday Worship

12:00 pm

Sunday Christian Education

10:30 am

Wednesday Night Prayer

7:00 pm

Wednesday Night Bible Study

8:00 pm

Join us for Weekday Prayer

6:00 am

Monday-Saturday 712-770-4010 Access Code: 483100