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Community Chapel of Christ Ministries

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Our Leaders

Pastor Michael D. Beasley

Pastor Michael D. Beasley is an articulate, insightful and a dedicated leader who serves as Senior Pastor of the Community Chapel of Christ Ministries of Newark, NJ. He is a father of two children, and the husband of one wife: Pastor Lori J. Beasley. He was born and raised in the inner city of Newark, NJ and was cultivated in Christian theology and liturgy at an early age. He became a Christian at the age of 14 and would later serve as a youth leader and an adult Sunday school teacher at the Emmanuel Church of Christ of Newark, NJ. Concurrently, he was an administrative member of the Men’s Ministry of the NJ Diocese, of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. At the age of 24, he accepted his call to the teaching and prophetic ministry, where God uses him in a clear and precise manner. He was later ordained as a minister of the Gospel in the P.A.W. Pastor Michael attended Kean University in Elizabeth, NJ where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Psychology. He later completed Pastoral training through the Aenon Bible College which is head-quartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through Aenon, Pastoral Michael received the developmental training necessary for the office of the Pastorate. It is as a teacher; however, he saw the need to put relevant and accurate information into the hands of those who are hungry for biblical truth. He wrote his first book, "Building a Firm Foundation" to meet that need. It is a book on Christian History and Doctrine. It is currently used as a standard textbook for new converts as well as a refresher for seasoned Christians throughout the United States. He and his wife, Pastor Lori, are now co-laborers in Christ’s vineyard: teaching, preaching, and expanding the ministry of Christ in their community. At present; along with his Pastoral duties he works as a Family Services Specialist for the State of New Jersey‘s Department Of Children and Family . Pastor Michael endeavors to pursue the glory of God, to destroy the works of the devil and to equip the body of Christ to minister the Gospel of Jesus to the world.

Pastor Lori J. Beasley

Pastor Lori was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She has been involved in Christian ministry most of her life and has served alongside her parents throughout childhood and as a young adult. She is the proud mother of son, Michael D. Beasley II and daughter, Lauren D. Beasley. She is the wife and ministry partner of Pastor Michael Beasley. She is an astute speaker who possesses the ability to reach all those who listen.

Her Christian roots began in her parent’s house where Bishop John W. Jackson, her father founded the Community Chapel of Christ Church. Always having a heart for God and being very active in ministry, it was clear that she was called to do special kingdom work. Pastor Beasley’s goals extend beyond the church walls. She established a sisterhood book club called Mahogany Minds which allows women to expand their knowledge of various topics through reading various literary genres, especially those that are inspired by God. She also founded a club for young ladies called True Princess which provides young girls from ages 5 to 18 with a growing knowledge of God through the Word, proper etiquette, self-confidence, personal standards, exposure to the fine arts, and much much more. As she partners with her husband Pastor Michael, she endeavors to help tear down the walls of Satan in the community and in the lives of those whom God has placed them over.

Pastor Lori Beasley is a woman who loves to bless God in her preaching and singing ministry. She is compassionate and loving towards everyone that she comes in contact with, and believes in going above and beyond to esteem others. She graduated from an all women’s college, the College of Saint Elizabeth with a BA degree in English Literature and a concentration in Communication. Obtaining the degree was just a small accomplishment. While on campus, she was able to lead a Bible Study ministry as well as a gospel choir that opened up the door for her to encourage and witness to many students. Now as a spiritual leader, she looks forward to reaching her fullest potential in God. Her love for people motivates her to ensure that they come to know Jesus and that those who know Him will go higher and deeper through the application of His Word to their everyday lives.